Tourist Information

The Municipality of Tabango is located along northwestern part of the Province of Leyte facing the vast Camotes Sea. It has several existing natural and man-made scenic spots/attractions which cover a total spatial area of 259.65 hectares. These areas were specifically located within the five (5) barangays of the municipality with its corresponding scenic potentials described as follows:


Poblacion is considered as the major growth center for Social and Economic Sector. It has seven (7) existing tourist attractions/establishments containing a total spatial area of 54.25 hectares. Located within the central business district, the landmark "TABANG MO", Public Library and the Freedom Park that occupied a total land area of 2.5 hectares of land is just within walking distance from each other and the two cultural/traditional landmarks which contain a total land area of 1 hectare. Other existing attractions are located along the coastline of the Tabango Bay, the Dapanas Beach, the Marine Sanctuary and the Liog-liog Beach. It covers a total spatial area of fifty one (51) hectares. Those existing attractions can be reached by land and by sea travel.


Campokpok is the largest among the thirteen barangays which occupies a land area of 3,007.369 hectares. It has an existing three (3) scenic spots occupying a total spatial area of 151.34 hectares. The Dawahon Isle is one of the tourist attractions of the municipality which has been visited by several foreign tourists and oftentimes serves as a venue for beach parties and celebrations. The white sand beach, the nature-shaped centuries-old rock formation encircling around the isle coast and the presence of LGU-managed marine sanctuary has brought the area suitable for swimming snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving and surf riding. The barangay has also a nature sanctuary operated by a foundation which occupies a land area of 140 hectares. This area will soon become the Research and Conservation Center for Ecology.


Inangatan is the home of the municipality's landmark, Mt. Cantur-aw, which stood and serves as a point of reference among fishermen and seafarers. It has a total land area of 16 hectares suitable for wildlife sanctuary. It has a cone-like peak, the summit of which shows a bird's eye view of the vast agricultural land and the sunset by the sea in the horizon of Tabango and Campokpok Bays. A few kilometers away lies the newly established Ocean Pearl and Cove Resort located along the seacoast of Campokpok Bay occupying a two-hectare site. It has tourism facilities; however, it cannot accommodate the influx of visitors in the area.


Sta. Rosa is the smallest barangay of the municipality which occupies 312.46 hectares of land. It is located along the west coast of the municipality with two tourist attractions in a total spatial area of 30.5 hectares. One half hectare of land located along the sea coast is the Pilgrimage Site of San Vicente Ferrer which is often visited by visitors and patrons while a 30-hectare spatial area is devoted for a marine sanctuary which was established and extended towards the delimited boundary between Barangays Tugas and Tabing.


Tugas has a land area of 482.872 hectares located along the west coast of the municipality. It has a white beach tourist attraction at Sitio Buho and has a man-made panoramic view of the Power Sub-station (Leyte-Cebu Submarine Cable Lines) of the National Grid Powerlines Corporation.

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